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deborah deborah.dwj at suberic.net
Fri May 27 08:17:17 EDT 2005

On Fri, 27 May 2005, Paul Andinach wrote:
|Especially as he's apparently gone on record saying he intends to try
|and beat Tom Baker's record.  :)

Whoa!  He'd better be good then.  I love Eccleston, bar the budding
romance which annoys me.

|Particularly the shot where the autonomous
|plastic arm is quite obviously being achieved by having someone
|standing just offscreen wearing an elbow-length rubber glove...

Oh, yes.  And one which was clearly just Eccleston wrestling with a
plastic arm that wasn't even moving.

Can I do two Doctor Who ObDWJ's in a row?  No.  But now I'm getting
really hung up on this Magid/Timelord comparison I've been making.
Except Magids are less arrogant, and don't go wrong.

I don't suppose that I have ever been so happy.  No; was it happiness?
Something wider and darker, more like knowledge, more like the night: joy.
				- Ursula Le Guin, "The New Atlantis"

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