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Fri May 27 03:48:48 EDT 2005

> > It will be strange seeing Dr Who
> > with decent special effects.
> I found it oddly reassuring, watching the first episode, that there
> were a still couple of places where one could see the special effects.
> (If you see what I mean.) Particularly the shot where the autonomous
> plastic arm is quite obviously being achieved by having someone
> standing just offscreen wearing an elbow-length rubber glove...

Yeah, the effects are better, but this is still being done on a BBC drama budget (or cannily giving that impression). I think the new Doctor is great, though - he's got a good take on the prickliness that all Doctors ought to have (but my first was Patrick Troughton, and all the rest are refracted through his lens). It's a very terrestial-based series, which is to my own taste, and also helps exposition-wise with the shorter stories. I wasn't entirely taken with the Dalek episode - but I shall say no more except to mention that it must have got round its notorious problem with stairs by watching old episodes of Trumpton.


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