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--- Aimee Smith <s4028253 at> wrote:
> And of course, the OT bait I had to dangle: How did
> you find Dr Who the 
> other night? (I am talking to the Aussies, or at
> least the 
> Queenslanders primarily here, cause we only just got
> the new series, 
> but others feel free to join in!). Who's your
> favourite doc, why, and 
> which sideckick? Which baddies? I'm told the current
> reruns 
> (weeknights, we're up to the fantabulous,
> unsurpassed-as-yet Tom Baker, 
> with the second Romana, who used to be Astra. They
> skipped showing us 
> the series with Romana's regeneration, but oh well.
> Leonardo's painting 
> Mona Lisas at an incredible rate, and who is this
> fake duke with the 
> green spaghetti head? It's a wonderful script for
> one-liners, too, this 
> one.)
> Sorry if this is too old news or OT!
> Aimee.
> A little bit police-box crazy at the moment.

Loved the new one, Christopher Eccleston looks like
he'll be a good Doctor, I hope David Tarrant does as
well next year. My daughter is now in England and has
reported back that she's enjoying the ones she's seen,
although commented that "they seem to like electric
blue a lot". I'm unsure about the 45 minute stories.
That is only half the length of most of the old
adventures and not, I suspect, enough time for stories
to develop properly. Part of the strength of the
traditional DW was the complicated plots with many
sides to a issue. It will be strange seeing Dr Who
with decent special effects.
Is the current story of the Traditional series the one
with the one with a cameo from John Clease? (only for
Aussies and people who can pick up the story from
Aimee's comments.


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