Ogre downstairs

Jon Noble jon_p_noble at yahoo.com
Sat May 21 22:19:38 EDT 2005

I have discovered in the school library here an
audiocassette of The Ogre Downstairs. I have just
listened to it. It is only a small part of the story,
running for 20 minutes and ending with the children
trapped on the ledge after flying and hoping that
Douglas will rescue them. The toyshop person is the
narrator of the story who then says that they had many
more adventures before they finally become a happy
family. This would be more OK if there was actually a
reference to the book so that people could then read
what happened next but there is no actual reference on
the tape to the book or to DWJ. It was taped from a
radio broadcast on the ABC (Aussie equivilent of the
BBC) on 16 Feb 1979, Also on the tape is a similar
abridgment of Carrie's War broadcast the week before.
I can't tell from the tape if it was an Australian or
an English production (the ogre seems to have
something of a yorkshire accent). When it was
broadcast the ABC used to put out a book with notes of
their school programs so further information could
have been there. If anyone is really interested I can
probably copy the tape onto another.


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