Earthsea in Clorox

Verity Cinnabar cen at
Sat May 21 09:56:31 EDT 2005

There was worse than colour error in _EarthShite_.

Obviously, the notion of a Ruling Ring had to be dropped in a post-
Jackson world, so the armband ended up as a silly hidden McGuffin.
The notion of a rune lost when the artifact was broken across it
was dropped for no apparent reason.

The Nameless Ones weren't the Old Powers of the earth, but silly
animatronic scaly flitters - and the subterranean corridors were well lit.
No Undertomb, or shiny glory to be revealed by a forbidden light.

The Godking's priestess was shagging him (but he was never referred to
by this title, presumably because everyone was again afraid of
reactionary American religious sentiment). No differentiation was made
between the ruinous but potent Empty Throne and the glitzy temporal temple.
The new priestess for the Nameless Ones was called by the previous one,
rather than it being a Dalai Lama deal, and a spurious poison plot
complicated matters.

Ged's true name was Sparrowhawk(!). So he carried an image of the bird on
his wizard's staff... deep mystery and protection of the true soul, there.
Ogion was called that (mispronounced) during his lifetime, and Vetch was
Estarriol more often than he was called by the plant-name. 

Women on Roke (and no Woman on Gont). *gasp*

VC (who wants a pet harekki)

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