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> ObDWJ:
> "_Witch Week_ is a low-quality ripoff of _The Secret of Platform 13_,
> Howl is a manipulative misogynist, and adults who read children's
> literature are socially retarded."

Perhaps it won't be too OT if I sneak in, on the back of the first of Deborah's trolleries, the news that Susan Cooper is set to become (according to the Sunday Times) 'a second J.K. Rowling' - thanks to the film they're planning to make of *The Dark is Rising*.

I'm rather in fear and trembling over this project (with the recent example of U K Le Guin and the White Wizard of Earthsea in mind), and my worries haven't exactly been eased by reading that the company originally wanted to transplant the action to America. But we shall see. (For anyone who doesn't know, it's being made by Walden Media, the same people who are currently working on *The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe*, which in turn is being designed by the same Weta workshop that did *The Lord of the Rings.*)



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