Howl Movie NYC?

Kyra Jucovy klj at
Tue May 17 15:10:39 EDT 2005

Hi, all,

So, I would definitely be interested in seeing _Howl's Moving Castle_ with
other DWJ-mailing list folks in NYC.  It would also definitely be cool to
get to know some of you who live in the area.  I loathe organizing things,
but I would really like this to happen.  I therefore propose that, if you
are interested in such an outing - particularly on the weekend of June 17,
since it will be easier for me to make it then - you should e-mail me
offlist.  I don't know if there will be enough of us to make it worthwhile
to set up a whole new mailing list, but I will be happy to compile e-mail
addresses so that we can have a discussion with only people who are
interested.  Please e-mail me if you are, and maybe in a week or so I can
send out a message starting such a discussion.

And my apologies to those of you who are not interested for cluttering up
your inbox!


"The nature-nurture controversy has been with us since it was first
outlined by Plato and Aristotle.  Nobody likes it anymore."
 						---Bates et al

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