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Tue May 17 14:51:58 EDT 2005

>>>> (Several lists I'm on insist that members use plain text only.)
>>> How very civilised.  That must save a lot of modem-minutes for people
>>> who aren't on broadband.
>I thought it was the etiquette for this list also, but then I got flamed
>for pointing that out (privately) to someone.

Not in the least unsympathising, because that sounds as if "etiquette" was
the last thing on the person in question's mind and it seems a bit
unnecessary, but is a rude email "flame"?  I'm asking absolutely seriously,
because I'd always assumed that "flame" was a public thing, usually
involving several participants all getting heated, rather than one
individual doing a top-blowing Krakatoa imitation.

This is all part of the endless quest for information; does anyone here
have any old-fangled definition or origin for this usage of the word, so
that I will know how best to apply it when I want to ask someone not to?

On the subject of HTML, I have a feeling that someone else having used that
and his replying to their post was the reason Charlie had problems with his
set-up a while ago and started posting Strange Stuff without in the least
meaning to, before he discovered how to turn the wretched thing off again.
That in itself would look to me like a good reason for it not being used,
if it is going to worm its way into innocent computers and cause their
owners to annoy other people by accident.

Not an email, deborah, but count me as someone who would be in favour of
HTML not being used -- I'm not really entitled to a vote if I have no
interest on account of never having to see it, thanks to my wizardly
friend, but if I were voting I would vote for less bells and whistles and
more emphasis on what is said rather than "look at the pretty colours,
man".  Content over style, when what's in question is the written word, or


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