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On Mon, 16 May 2005, Dorian E. Gray wrote:

|Minnow replied to me...
|>>(Several lists I'm on insist that members use plain text only.)
|> How very civilised.  That must save a lot of modem-minutes for people who
|> aren't on broadband.
|Well, yes, that is part of the point.  That and the fact that, apparently,
|HTML messages do very strange things to the digests (I don't do the digest
|thing, personally, but I gather that one HTML mail in a digest can either
|make everything come out formatted as that message was, or fill one or all
|of the messages in the digest with gobbledegook).

I believe I can do this.  List question: would anyone be bothered by
forcing all list mail to come through plain text only?  Reply to me
privately if so.  (I have all my mail in plain text and dont know how
much formatting people are getting.)

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