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Mon May 16 18:27:49 EDT 2005

I wrote in wonderment:
>> I never knew that silverfish nibbled books: I always thought they lived
>> exclusively on shed fragments of human skin.  I hope the Book Club weren't
>> being grimoireish!
>Silverfish suck on books-- they like the size (not dimensions, but stuff
>that's in the paper to make it... ummm... how quickly one forgets a year's
>worth of archival training!- I could look it up if you are interested).
>Anyway, the paper looks sort of thin and has trails on it after they have
>been at it.

I do live and learn on this list.  Thank you!  The only silverfish I ever
encountered anywhere other than in the bath (which is where they always
seem to end up in this house) were living in a mattress in a furnished flat
we once rented, and the mattress lived next to a bookshelf, but when one
came home late at night and turned on the light suddenly it was always the
mattress that sort-of *shimmered* as they dived for cover, and never the
books.  So I assumed the person who told me they ate shed skin was right,
and never checked further.

>I think it's dust mites that eat flakes of skin. Mouldy ones, at that. Yum.

Whether that is deplorable taste or not would depend whose skin it had
been, I suppose.  If it were that of Musrum's inamorata Bella, whose
flawless skin was so smooth that clothing slid off her, then that might be
good taste even if the flakes had gone mouldy.  :-)

>> (Wanders away muttering "Restorative Pork Jelly" -- which you will
>> understand when you have read the book.  I think I am due a re-reading
>> break.)
>I'll let you know how I got on with it- but it will probably be ages before
>I start, there is an ever growing to read pile by my bed.

Use it for some occasion when you need cheering up with pure frivol; it's
not what I would call *demanding* literature.  Ideal for convalescence from
the 'flu, or a boring train journey, or Christmas with one's least
favourite collection of in-laws or aunts.


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