Addendum to a dwj bibliography?

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Mon May 16 17:40:12 EDT 2005

Ania wrote:

>I am resolutely not reading anything posted about Conrad's fate, because I
>still don't have a copy- so I thought I'd start another thread so that maybe
>there'll be replies which I can read.

<sympathetic meepling noise>

Not much to say about "The Master", which I will freely admit I don't
entirely^W understand, but

>Amongst the same load of books there was a 1965 edition of Heyer's
>Frederica- not THE first edition, but first Book Club Associates one,
>hardback with dust jacket (slightly nibbled by silverfish). A perfect reason
>to get into Heyer at last.

I never knew that silverfish nibbled books: I always thought they lived
exclusively on shed fragments of human skin.  I hope the Book Club weren't
being grimoireish!

I think you struck lucky for a first Heyer, there.  *Frederica* has one
scene at least in it that makes me have to stuff my fist in my mouth if I
am reading it late at night so that I don't wake the whole household with
my howls of laughter.  Make that three or four scenes, in fact.

(Wanders away muttering "Restorative Pork Jelly" -- which you will
understand when you have read the book.  I think I am due a re-reading


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