Conrad's Fate (with spoilers)

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> I wouldn't say this is one of DWJ's best, but I enjoyed it, and I'd rank it 
> above "A Tale of Time City" or "The Homeward Bounders" or "Black Maria".

I'd rank CF above TOTC or _Black Maria_, but not above _The Homeward 
Bounders_. I think HB is a brilliant book, and I was just thinking about it because of 
the first-person business -- in general, I am not wild about first person. I 
always feel it should be used only when the book has just *got* to be told 
that way. I think _The Homeward Bounders_ is the only one of DWJ's first-person 
narratives that I really, really like *as* a first-person narrative, rather 
than putting up with the first person because I like the story so much. (I could 
of course be forgetting some other ones I like, which is entirely possible 
given how many books she's written). I didn't see any particular reason that 
_Conrad's Fate_ couldn't just as well have been told in third. I'll see if I can 
get round to reading it again and think it over.

Helen Schinske
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