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Mon May 16 17:01:08 EDT 2005

I asked
>> Can one not teach one's computer to say words to the effect "sod this for
>> a game of marbles" and display any and all text coming into it in
>> black-on-white regardless of the whim of the sender?

and Dorian explained
>I suspect it may depend on the mail program one uses.


>I'm using Outlook Express, and that certainly does allow such teaching
>(Tools/Options/Read tab; tick the "display all messages in plain text" box).
>But I don't know if all of them do it.

I don't think I could cope with having a mail program that refused to allow
me to read mail in a form I found possible.

>> I find it all easier on the eyes that way.
>Very much so.  Even HTML messages that aren't possessed of millions of
>colours have a tendency to show up (if not prevented) in Arial 9-point,
>which is teeny.

eeek! (or other noises more appropriate for a mouse than a minnow). "You
need teeny tiny eyes for reading teeny tiny print like you need teeny tiny
hands for milking mice" has to be a quotation from somewhere but I don't
know where.  Arial is all squnched up anyhow even when it isn't 9-point, or
at least it looks that way to me.

>(Several lists I'm on insist that members use plain text only.)

How very civilised.  That must save a lot of modem-minutes for people who
aren't on broadband.


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