Conrad's Fate (with spoilers)

Dorian E. Gray israfel at
Mon May 16 14:29:23 EDT 2005

Otter said...

> On Sunday, May 15, 2005, at 04:08 PM, mecha godscylla wrote:
>> "I suppose part of the reason it is so obvious is that Conrad is an 
>> idiot."
>> "I find Conrad to be without redeeming freature..."
>> I need more details.  How so and in what ways did his idiocy strike you? 
>> What features does he lack that he ought to have, or have that he should 
>> lack?  What makes him unsympathetic?
> I wasn't annoyed by Conrad, nor did I doubt his bad luck.
> Maybe I'm just unobservant.

Well, then I'll be unobservant too.  Or possibly of plebian tastes.

I quite liked Conrad.  His ordinariness was pleasant.  His clinging to what 
he "knew" was rather endearing.

And I liked his job and his descriptions of it.  And I did suspect the 
uncle, but not in an "oh, this is so *obvious*" way, more in a "hm, I 
wonder" way.

I wouldn't say this is one of DWJ's best, but I enjoyed it, and I'd rank it 
above "A Tale of Time City" or "The Homeward Bounders" or "Black Maria".


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