Conrad's Fate

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My own take on Conrad himself, is that he isn't truly *stupid*, but that he's 
spent so much of his life adapting to a particular situation, and he started 
so early doing it, that he's never taken any time whatsoever to even *try* to 
think outside the box. In a normal family he would have gone to school gotten 
good grades gotten as good a "starter job" as possible, and worked his way up 
through the ranks of the same company for the next 30-40 years.

With any luck his years in Chrestomancy Castle will have given him a bit 
broader view.

I got a distinct impession that Anthea (and yes, i noticed that she's our 
second Anthea) genuinely regretted having to abandon him, but it was either 
abandon him or be trapped herself. And getting trapped herself, wouldn't really 
save him.

The impression I've gotten from an overview of Jones's work is that there was 
a whole generation in there that were just plain piss-poor parents. With some 
exceptions. Quentin and Catriona seem to be doing fairly well. But Conrad and 
Anthea's mum was a woman who should simply have NEVER had kids. She had a 
typewriter. And used it. And if she had stuck at that, very few people would have 
much to criticize about how she lived her life.

To me it was a fun "little" book, but nothing major. Though there is more to 
it if you want to go looking for it. (And boy did Millie get herself into a 
pickle! She really *needed* rescuing!)
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