Conrad's Fate (with spoilers)

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Sun May 15 07:58:53 EDT 2005

Juliette wrote:

(and I don't think this needs a spoiler space, 'cos it's not part of the
book exactly)

>perhaps DWJ has used this book to say some things that she
>has always wanted to say to her mother.

Her mother was completely oblivious to criticism of any kind, as far as one
could tell: if she'd been even remotely aware of the pictures of bad
mothers in DWJ's books being like her, she might have curled up and shut up
and stopped trying to control her daughters by the time she was in her
nineties!  It's now too late to tell her anything, because she died last
year, but she wouldn't have *heard* even if DWJ had tied her to a chair and
lectured her about bad parenting: she would have remained oblivious to what
was actually being said.

If Aunt Maria were not a portrait of someone else (I think she must be the
Aunt Clara whom the Management are too young to have met) she'd be a bit
like DWJ's mother: just steamrollering on, yabbity yabbity yabbity, for
your own good dear as she did the most ghastly things to people.



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