Conrad's Fate (with spoilers)

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>I loved this- the ending was rather abrupt, but that was about my only 
>complaint. Series Seven really came alive as a setting, despite mostly 
>only seeing one house!
>The way that Conrad and Anthea had turned out all right despite awful 
>parents (and Robert, Felice and Hugo seemed to, as well, although we 
>didn't see as much of them) is a nice hopeful touch.

I really enjoyed "Conrad's fate" as well - the many details about the 
house, gradually tightening storyline and the overriding sense of fun made 
it a classic Chrestomanci story IMO.

I didn't think the ending was too abrupt (IIRC), but I definitely didn't 
like the epilogue - it seemed a poor method of finishing a story, 
especially as DWJ doesn't usually feel compelled to say what happened after 
a story ends. It just felt too tacked on and pandering to those readers 
that say they need to know ALL of a story in one book.

I agree with later posters that the family tension and depcition of the 
uncle wasn't as good as in some other DWJ novels, but felt that it was 
still a great book - not as good as LoCC but better than "Witch week". 
(Although my DWJ relative likes are quite fluid so this might change!)


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