Conrad's Fate (with spoilers)

Anita Graham amgraham at
Sat May 14 10:13:42 EDT 2005

Paul asked:

> On which note: is there anyone else who didn't believe for a moment
> that Uncle Thingy was telling the truth about Conrad's karma?
> Maybe it's just that I've read a lot of DWJ before (avuncular figure
> who doesn't really have one's best interests at heart being a
> recurring theme, particularly in the Chrestomanci series), or maybe
> it's just that one should never trust anyone who feels the need to
> *tell* you when they're being honest, but I was on to him from the
> word go.

Yes, he is obviously not honest in any way from the start

1) the way Conrad's mother seems not to *hear* what Conrad tells her about
school, and to believe that Conrad arranged the job, rather than the Uncle

2) the way all the dubious members of the Uncle's magic circle chime in with
exactly what the Uncle has been telling Conrad

and 3) the way the Uncle et amis live richly while the rest of the family,
especially Conrad, scratch around for necessities like school clothes.

Oh, and 4) the uncertainty about Conrad's father's money.

Conrad and Cat both seem to believe what they're told and to follow along
and do what they've been told to do. They *trust* their families, and are
both let down by their nearest. It *was* nice that Anthea turned out to be
on the side of right, even if she had abandoned Conrad to his fate earlier.


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