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Fri May 13 14:39:48 EDT 2005

fairly old discussion...
> If witchcraft includes anyone with the gift of foreseeing, maybe they took
> a look at where technology might lead and decided they'd rather not *have*
> quite a lot of it?  Much of the tech we have is proving to be rather bad
> for the continuation of life on this planet, or at anyrate, Jim, life as we
> know it.  Not to mention that tech and its "advantages" aren't exactly
> evenly-distributed, even here-and-now.

Even without foresight, Chrestomanci is head of a whole government
department basically dedicated to suppressing exploitation of that
world's source of prime advantage. Extrapolated into our own world,
you'd have something like Larry Niven's ARM, suppressing tech instead
of magic. We don't actually have such an agency, right?

Just as Those People get to use magic in ways forbidden to those outside
the Castle (pitched by one seedy brother sponsoring Gwendolyn as selfish
grasping of powers), the ARM had tech no one else was permitted to know
even existed. Patents came into existence in our Real World TM to give 
the inventor some chance to exploit kir new advance whilst eventually 
letting everyone replicate the technique, though our world has grown
proprietory protectionism on top of that.

Chrestomanci's world won't run out of liquefied dinosaur any time soon,
having few cars and less plastic. Probably a good move on their part.


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