Dwight toiletry

Verity Cinnabar cen at shareable.org
Fri May 13 12:42:36 EDT 2005

Thanks for the answer, Minnow.

I must ask Mahlet for a copy of the email I sent her with my draft
answer. It was eerily close, missing only that the Dwight peed on
subordinates (also, I defancified the unguent application and called
the process a sponge bath... and I had him standing under a waterfall
if he required instead an invigorating shower, with the proviso that
if the entirety of Eleven is smooth level forest, the sideways magic
can probably manage a waterfall).

> DWJ, when asked this, says he baths by stripping off when he happens to
> feel like it 

So there's no actual loss of status in losing the furs temporarily, as long
as one has more than a breechclout to one's name?

> solid waste from his lower bowel directly to the latrines -- and where
> those are she doesn't know nor does she wish to know 

probably beneath the roots of saplings... serious tree husbandry on Eleven.


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