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Hi list,
A friend wants to locate a book her sister once read. It was in a rural 
Queensland primary school's library, so it couldn't have been anything 
that didn't have Australian or international publication. Here's what 
she said, and to me it sounds as if it's a basic retelling of 
Bluebeard. I've read the original fairy tale in The Arabian Nights, but 
I don't know if it was from anywhere else as well, or if that 'flavour' 
made it into the book she's looking for. I've also heard echoes of this 
in Beauty and the Beast.
Any help would be most appreciated!

I've been searching for this book for AGES and its driving me mad!!

when she was little, my sister had a favourite book and I was hoping to
get her a copy now as a momento. Unfortunately, I cant seem to
remember the title or the author. Basically what I remember of the plot
runs something like this:

There's this poor family, all the children are girls. One by one they 
married off to the same guy (I'm pretty sure they get married off, they 
seem to end up with him) until finally only the youngest daughter is 
He comes for her, she goes along with him and he gives her run of the
house with a set of keys (much like Bluebeard in a way) and each day
she visits a different room. Each room reflects the personality of a
different sister and she spends each day trying on different dresses,
eating different foods etc etc. Finally, she gets to the last room, 
  was told not to enter. and goes in anyway. From memory, I think all her
sisters were imprisoned in this room, that or they were somehow 
in the others. Anyway, all ends well, because the youngest sister breaks
them all out.

Do you know what it is?? The primary school library had it but the 
doesnt know what it is. :(

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