Funniest DWJ scene

Katie Meyers kgmeyers at
Thu Mar 31 23:17:39 EST 2005

Some scenes I am remembering at the moment that really really make me 
laugh, and that haven't been mentioned yet, are:
In Howl's Moving Castle
(skip if you haven't read it)
when Howl comes in reproachfully trailing miles of suit, and asks 
Sophie where his other one is, to be shown... the other suit that she 
has recently enthusiastically cut into bits.
In Crown of Dalemark
at the end when Hern is trying to get someone to become king.  It's 
like some kind of gameshow, but with totally reluctant and unwilling 
participants.  Everyone has other plans for their life, and tries to 
hand the crown off to their father or something.
In Archer's Goon
when Quentin and Catriona are fighting near the beginning 
(irrestistable force, immovable object).  They are both such 
characters.  I read this out loud to my brother with different voices 
and we were both laughing the whole time.
I know there are so many more scenes that I love, but I don't have the 
time to think of them all.  I knew Junior year in High School was 
supposed to be hard, but this is insane.  I've been up til 2 every 
night this week, then waking up at 6.

And I finished Conrad's Fate!!!!!!!!  (That I make time for, in any way 
possible.  My parents had hidden it because they know how much work I 
have, but I finally got ahold of it.)  My family ordered it from 
England.  It was officially my brother's birthday present, and now I 
and 2 of my brothers have read it, some of it out loud together.  My 
family likes the new design and size.  I am rereading it.  It is so 
good and it made me so happy!  I guess we are waiting to discuss it 
until everyone has had a chance to read it, but when we do talk about 
it, there are 3 or 4 scenes that I laughed and laughed over.

Most touching DWJ scenes- definitely the end of Homeward Bounders, and 
Mordion in Hexwood. 

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