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> I figured out most of the examples, so not all is lost (on me - and not:
> is not lost ;-)
> And it is true that not all constellations are possible in German, some
> only be possible in poetic language and would be expressed with different
> words in everyday language.
> Different meanings can be conveyed by stressing the words in German, too
> probably in most languages.
> The sentence "Ich traue keinem Mann mehr" can mean: "I don't trust any man
> anymore" and "There is no man I trust more".
> Bettina
> (It's just me who just wants a just verdict?!)

Reminds me of an Irish poem (of the Early Modern love poetry genre)
(diacritics omitted, sorry, can't seem to make them work in Internet

Si mo ghra
An bhean is mo bhios dom chra

She [is] my love
The woman who torments me the most...

Except that the second line could be read 'the largest woman who torments
me' , 'is mo' meaning both 'the biggest/largest' and 'the most'.

I have the whole of the poem in English translation which scans- if anyone
is interested, I'll dig it up and post it here. The same collection has a
great poem 'Speak not ill of womankind' and also a hilarious one about a
snoring bedmate.


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