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Thu Mar 31 08:09:39 EST 2005


> Hi,
> I have been looking all over the internet for good places to go to do
> my honours year *if* I can do it abroad. If not (more likely) I'll do
> it here in Brisbane.
> Does anyone know of a uni, preferably in the UK or Ireland, where I
> could do something that allowed me to either look at my topic from an
> academic or creative writing perspective?

I have no idea about the quality or scope of the English dept here in
Aberystwyth, but can definitely recommend the locale and the uni in general.
Aberystwyth is a small Welsh town with quite a cosmopolitan feel (due to the
uni, mainly). It's safe, it has the sea and the mountains, I often forget to
close my doors at night (though I live out in the sticks). It also has the
National Library of Wales, which is a copyright library, so it has (in
theory at least) everything ever published in English in the UK and Ireland.
Another institution is the Royal Commission for the Ancient and Historical
Monuments in Wales - the monuments include old buildings as well as ancient
and industrial sites.

There is of course the obdwj connection, she being partly Welsh!

And just North of here you can visit the locations of Susan Cooper's The
Dark is Rising sequence.



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