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> My funniest scene: what made me laugh most (and really loud) is the scene
> with the different gardening devices hopping around in Witch Week.
> And, as an opposite, the most heart wrenching scene: To me that is from
> Hexwood, Mordion's childhood - I don't have the book with me, so I can't be
> more precise, but I wouldn't want to put spoilers in this post anyhow.
> Any spontanous thoughts? Where did you laugh/feel touched the most?
> Bettina

I have pretty vivid memories of laughing hysterically the first time I
read the bit in _Deep Secret_ where the Croatian mistakes Ted Mallory for
Malory.  I would agree with people who find the congo line scene in _A
Sudden Wild Magic_ funny.  And, for such a serious book, the "Oh, as to
that!" bits in _Homeward Bounders_ have always struck me as very funny.

As for touching. . . the first thing that comes to mind is that, from a
very early age, I always found a lot of the ambiance of _Witch Week_ very
touching.  I was the sort of child who automatically associated with
outcast children, so all of the minute parsing of the social situation of
the classroom really struck a chord with me.  More recently, I really
liked Maree coming back from Babylon - she and Rupert hardly talking, she
just says, "Really?" and he says, "Really," and that's all the
communication they need to do.  Awwww :).


"I have always felt: Eliot fine mind colorless green ideas violated James'
sleep furiously."
				---John Holbo,

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