Completely OT: overseas study

Aimee Smith s4028253 at
Thu Mar 31 07:02:16 EST 2005

I have been looking all over the internet for good places to go to do 
my honours year *if* I can do it abroad. If not (more likely) I'll do 
it here in Brisbane.
Does anyone know of a uni, preferably in the UK or Ireland, where I 
could do something that allowed me to either look at my topic from an 
academic or creative writing perspective?
My topic (drumroll... I think it's cool...) will have something to do 
with the role of houses (or if I need to be more specific) doors in 
fantasy fiction. Something about enclosed space and interesting 
labyrinthine bits and trying to get out or stay in or protect or 
preserve or what have you. Houses in fantasy are just cool.
I'd like to do both houses and doors, and throw in other bits of 
interesting architecture, and possibly furniture too, and then do the 
topic through the whole of English Literature from Beowulf to Bronte 
and The Yellow Wallpaper, but I think that's a bit much for an honours 
topic, don't you? And their role in film is another thing entirely...
It's probably all been done before and better, but it gives me thrills 
just thinkin' about investigating it. And writing a fantasy novel with 
what I find out. Actually, I've started that already... But that's 
another story...
So, in answer to the topic or to the overseas uni idea... anyone?

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