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Wed Mar 30 22:58:36 EST 2005

Juliette said:
How about a younger Tom Baker as Howl? Younger even than his Doctor Who
days, and a bit more frenetic. I have always visualised Howl with that
kind of wriggly mouse-coloured hair. (My own hair is as straight as a
yard of pump water but I think "wriggly" is a very vivid DWJ-ism for
curly hair.)

Oh yes. He's definitely got the character down! He'd be so perfect.
Just looked online, and of course he looks so much older now. I'm used 
to seeing him lately as (the best and coolest) Dr Who and I grew up 
with dear Puddleglum.
Found a quote of his I liked:
"The BBC is very good at period drama but not very good at giant rats."

Bettina said:
> Any spontanous thoughts? Where did you laugh/feel touched the most?

For laughter, Deep Secret comes out first for me. That is one crazy 
group of people, and crazy stuff happens! Witchy dance!
And it had its touching moments too. The king's children's childhoods, 
for example, starting with the first prince.
Other touching moments were Mordion's childhood and... I am sure there 
are more! (Sensing a pattern...)

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