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        Thanks for the art links.  By the way, 'Howl's publisher has just 
canceled the new printing with new cover (no doubt linked to the movie.) Rats on 
     'Publisher's Weekly', a book mag here in USA, has a review of 'Conrad' 
on p 52 of the Mar 21st issue. I'll just quote the first few lines:


     Wynne Jones's latest addition to her Chrestomanci books brings a 
servant's eye-view (a la Gosford Park) to her characteristic blend of magic, mystery, 
and snortingly funny slapstick. Instead of going on to secondary school like 
most of his friends, 12-yr-old Conrad is sent by his uncle to Stallery, a 
castle high in the English Alps, to work as an apprentic servant. Conrad has  
secret mission: According to his uncle, he has a terrible karma that can only be 
cleared by seeking out and killing a mysterious someone who lives at the 

Not a bad review.

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