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Bettina Bubach liril at
Thu Mar 24 11:20:47 EST 2005

> I do enjoy Brust's homage to Dumas, but I'm not sure I could get 
> through 5 novels of it. And I'm intending to read these books over the 
> summer.
I haven't read all of them back to back either, but I did read two and three
I a row. All of them might be too much, but I think if you read more than
one in a short period of time, you notice Paarfi as a character more, which
I found very interesting and amusing. 

Also, summer seems a good time to read them, as I personally have to be
relaxed and have plenty of time to enjoy them - and that's means summer to
me. (-I tried them once when I was not in the right mood and was very
annoyed by Paarfi, by things I later found amusing...)


who had some issues about conflicting storylines in the Tatlos books and the
Khaarven books before reading the latter - but if you get to know Paarfi,
it, at least to me, not a problem anymore but rather an interesting game.

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