Timing of Chrestomanci Books

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I remember we were discussing the dating of the Chrestomanci novels a 
couple of weeks back. What I don't remember is if someone mentioned 

In Chapter 13 of "The Magicians of Caprona," the Duke (we'll actually 
presume the Duchess, of course) sends the Montana's a message calling 
them up the Final Reservists for the war. They are summoned to appear 
at "03.00 hrs, January 14th, 1979"

So that sort of settles the relative dates of the other books then. 
Tonino ends up at Chrestomanci's place with Cat after this, so that 
ties the times of both "Charmed Life" and "The Stealer of Souls" to 
round about 1979.

As I said, I can't remember if anyone mentioned this before. I'm 
rereading these books in preparation for "Conrad's Fate" next month! 
Can't wait.


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