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        We have lost one of our great writers. Andre Norton is dead.

     >I regret to inform you that our "Lady" is gone. On March 17, 2005 at
>2:23a.m., Andre departed on her final journey. She left peacefully in her
>sleep with myself, Ollie and Mark at her bedside. She will be missed
>terribly and mourned deeply. Her passing leaves a void that can never be
>filled, as we shall never see the likes of her again. Knowing her has made
>me a better person. Andre requested that, in lieu of flowers, please send
>donations to Saint Jude Children's Hospital in Memphis Tennessee or
>Veteranarian Services, c/o The Noah Fund, P.O. Box 10128, Murfreesboro Tn.
>37129, in her memory. Because of her love of animals, Andre herself
>contributed to the Noah Fund which is for people who can not afford
>medical treatment for their pets. After coming to live with us, and, as
>our feelings for one another grew, I began calling her "Meemaw". This past
>week, she said to me, "I have won many awards in my life, I am a Grand
>Master, some call me the First Lady of Fantasy, and others call me The
>Grand Damme of Fantasy, but the title I am most proud of is "Meemaw".
>Eventually, everyone followed suit and "Meemaw" it was. Finally, she had
>gained the family she had longed for most of her life. I would like to
>take this opportunity to recognize Kathy Vinson L.P.N. and Jan Hoffmann
>who were instrumental in the day to day care of Meemaw. She developed a
>special closeness and friendship with them and, their feelings were
>mutual. Thanks to all of you for your phone calls, cards, flowers and
>gifts. Knowing everyone cared so much meant a great deal to her. Her
>modesty made it difficult for her to fully comprehend the magnitude of the
>feelings her fans and followers had for her. However, near the end she
>finally realized how much she was loved and admired by so many.
>Sue Stewart

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