Help with Howl: Rugby, Welshisms and saucepans

minnow at minnow at
Thu Mar 17 08:18:41 EST 2005

Ania wrote:

>That would be an English/anglicized alternative version. It would never be
>spelt, or more to the point pronounced with two final Ls in Welsh.

That's why I was deploring it...  But DWJ had a lot of fun trying to, last
night.  It isn't so much "wouldn't" as "couldn't" -- it gave her the
gigglies in a big way.

Furthur note: she supposes that at some point she probably did look it up
to find out what it meant, but she had forgotten how appropriate the
meaning was to the character, and the play-on-words of "Howl" as
appropriate to a scary wizard and "Howell" as a Welsh surname was the start
of it.

Gili, you could footnote that somewhere, perhaps, if you thought it was fun
for people to know.


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