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> Minnow said...
> >
> > A German lady I know who writes songs explained to me once that she
> writes
> > in English because the rigidity of German sentence structure makes rhyme
> > incredibly hard work in that language, and they lack synonyms to help
> out.
> > So that sounds as though it may be harder to write poetry in German, as
> a
> > counter-balance to being easier to write precise technical
> documentation.
> Well, as I said, German is a *sensible* language.  Poetry is intrinsically
> non-sensible. :-)

Which means the reformed spelling we have since a few years must be a dream
for poets! The spelling was in fact changed to make it more sensible and, if
you ask me, a spectacular failure...

E.g. (behände/behende - gang und gebe / gang und gäbe - Stengel /Stängel
etc. also beautiful things like Ketchup/Ketschup (why not Ketschab...?)
Stop/Stopp - Tip/Tipp - all different spellings for the same "sound" btw)
There are also new rules concerning captial letters (im Trüben fischen, im
Dunkeln tappen) and (my pet peeve) separation of words (wohlmeinend/ wohl
meinend). Some of the new rules abollished words and meanings, and many
poets and authors prohibited their works to be published in the new rules.
Creative anarchy... Seriously, the rules concerning capital letters etc.
seem much more sensible in English to me.

As a result it's a bit like in Goethe's time. Eyerbody (pupils and teacher
excluded) writes the way he likes (and, in many cases can find a dictionary
to prove he's right :-) Some newspapers use the new rules, others the old
ones - I'm glad I don't have to write dictations any more. 


Apropos Goethe: 
Neige, neige, gnadenreiche - with the right dialect, this ryhmes!

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