Times article on DWJ/Conrad's Fate

minnow at belfry.org.uk minnow at belfry.org.uk
Mon Mar 14 17:58:52 EST 2005

>Minnow said...
>> That it's there for the benefit of librarians doesn't mean I
>> can't use it, though I suppose I might be risking the wrath of the privy
>> organisation of librarians (that runs the world really) by revealing one
>> of
>> the prized secrets of their trade.  If I am never heard from again you
>> will
>> know that their agents have been dispatched to deal with this infringement
>> of their prerogatives.
>Not to worry.  My mother's a librarian (and a cataloguer, yet!).  If the
>librarians' agents come and Get you, I'm fairly sure I can get her to call
>them off.  (Cataloguers, you understand, being of a higher order within the
>heirarchy of the Privy Order.)
>However, I don't believe you need to worry.  Correct and intelligent usage
>of public-domain librarian information such as you describe is more likely
>to admit you to the outer circles of the Privy Order, as it saves those who
>do the Real Work time and trouble.
>Dorian (an Associate Member of the Privy Order).

that's a weight off my mind.  As we all know, having a librarian mad at you
is terrible; having the entire body of librarians out to get one... well,
I'd have had *no* chance!


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