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Mon Mar 14 17:58:57 EST 2005

Dorian wrote:

>Though for a really *sensible* language, of the ones I know German takes the
>prize.  It doesn't go in for different spellings for the same sound, or
>different sounds for the same spelling; when it needs a new word it calmly
>sticks two or more existing words together; a change in grammar or word
>order is far more likely to produce an obviously different meaning than a
>similar change in English (assuming said change doesn't simply render the
>sentence meaningless)...German is a very precise and orderly language.  (A
>colleague of mine and I regularly bemoan the fact that German is not the
>universal language of technical documentation; it's far better suited to the
>job than English is.)

A German lady I know who writes songs explained to me once that she writes
in English because the rigidity of German sentence structure makes rhyme
incredibly hard work in that language, and they lack synonyms to help out.
So that sounds as though it may be harder to write poetry in German, as a
counter-balance to being easier to write precise technical documentation.

Alliterative verse might be the way to go, of course.  I don't know how
well German is adapted to that, but I'd be prepred to assume very.


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