Times article on DWJ/Conrad's Fate

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Mon Mar 14 17:58:50 EST 2005

Ven wrote:

>Having read this and the subsequent discussion I
>found myself thinking "Getting an author's name
>correct is very important. Somebody should put
>them right".  "So," I said to myself, "go on
>then." I have just sent the following to the
>letters page of The Times:
><Mistress of the Multiverse not Immune to Human
>Good as it was to see Diana Wynne Jones featured
>in your pages (March 12th 2005)  Amanda Craig's
>article contained several unfortunate errors.
>Passing over the renaming of the River Avon as
>the Severn estuary, fans will be pleased to know
>that it was not "last year" that she broke her
>neck. Most importantly her surname is "Jones",
>not "Wynne Jones", which will be helpful for
>those looking for her books no doubt.>

Oh, well done that Ven!  I fear we may never find
out what they do, though, unless someone who reads
that paper lets us know.  I don't suppose they put
the letters page up on the web, do they?  Or do

>Now my regular paper, The
>as-esteemed-as-a-newspaper-can-be Guardian, has a
>"Corrections" column which would have been a more
>suitable venue, but we'll see.

Does the Times admit to error?

>Amanda Craig has a website where she has posted
>the interview but there is no email or I would
>have forwarded the letter to her also.

One might reach her by addressing the thing to the
Times with the subject-line "Attention Amanda
Craig", possibly.

Bravo to you, anyhow.


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