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>In a message dated 3/14/05 12:07:54 PM Central Standard Time, Minnow writes,
>quoting Jon:
>> >I've recently discovered there is also an author
>> >called Diana Jones Wynne, author of "Ancestry And
>> >Descendants Of John M Hillmon And Harriet E Louthan
>> >With Allied Families Of Lackey Henderson Bowles And
>> >Mikesell," and other light classics.
>> Well, I hope the Library of Congress and the British
>> Library know where to file her!
>> Thanks, Jon, that gave me a needed laugh on a dull day.
>> I had visions of someone excitedly getting that one
>> off the shelf thinking it was a new DWJ.  (Is it any
>> good?)

Helen Schinske suggested

>This means DWJ has just GOT to have a firm named Lackey Henderson Bowles and
>Mikesell in her next book.

I don't know what the next one is about, but the first, handwritten draft
is finished, so she might not be able to shoehorn them in.  I've forwarded
the suggestion to her, though.  What do you suppose they are?  Surveyors?
Loss adjustors?  Accountants?


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