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deborah replied to my

>|The ones that worry me are Chinese names, because half the time their
>|owners are being polite to the ignorant English and put the patronymic at
>|the end as we do, and the other half of the time they're not, and one never
>|knows which it is unless one asks or one of the names is obviously
>|European, like Vanessa, which gives one a fair go at it.

with usefulness

>A common convention with chinese names is to all-caps the patronymic,
>eg ZHANG Ziyi (who, as her fame as increased in English speaking
>countries to the extent that she oresented at the Oscars, now goes by
>Ziyi ZHANG).

Thank you very much!  That's an active help in at least three places/cases
I am immediately concerned with, and has saved me a lot of scrabbling about
trying to be sure (since the books they're in are collections, and the
names don't appear in the info page for library-filing, but do appear in
the contents-listing and in the format you've suggested).  Cheers!


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