Times article on DWJ/Conrad's Fate

mecha godscylla mechagodscylla at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 14 13:42:03 EST 2005

> >
> >Minnow, here's the one up now at that url... I see the Severn estuary 
>note now
> >-- though the geography is a bit fuzzy
>Fuzzy?  The Severn Estuary was four miles away from Bristol, last time I
>bicycled out there.  It is also completely invisible from any road near
>DWJ's house, because there is rather a lot of hill in the way.

I would never have noticed any of this but for everyone discussing it, but 
the author does note in the opening line that the taxi got lost and they 
were wandering around.  Getting lost trying to find DWJ seems very in 
keeping to me --  got to look for her house only out of the corner of your 
eye or you'll end up at the Severn estuary, apparently.


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