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Jadwiga Zajaczkowa / Jenne Heise jenne at fiedlerfamily.net
Mon Mar 14 11:45:14 EST 2005

> Don't know about the others, but Irish is perfectly sensible language which 
> at least has the decency to follow its pronunciation rules consistently, 
> unlike English. :-)

That's because English 'does not merely borrow from other languages, but
follows them down dark alleys, knocks them down and goes through their
pockets for loose grammar.' As a language its the equivalent of Corporal
Nobby Nobbs.
> >obDWJ, the partial model for the desecrated Garden in TMC has simply been
> >abandoned by its goddess, who has gone away to live in a different lot of
> >water and left the place she used to be, which has become a tourist-coach
> >destination with a strong financial motive for its custodianship, to stew
> >in its own juice. 
> Yeah, I've come across one or two places like that, where there ought to 
> have been/was once power, but now there isn't.  Very uncomfortable they are 
> too.

I've always wondered what the place-numen of Bath was like (given that I 
live in America, where 100 years is a long time), since it seems to have 
had some rather drastic personality changes...

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