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On Mon, 14 Mar 2005 minnow at belfry.org.uk wrote:
|>And, of course, there's Canadian writer Tim Wynne-Jones to further addle we
|>ignorant folk...
|He's got a hyphen.  So has Grace Wynne-Jones.  So there's no need to worry
|about them.

I reviewed both Conrad's Fate and Thief in the House of Memory (the new
Tim W-J) last month, which cracked me up.  I've often seen them shelved
together under "W" in friend's personal librarises, and I gently nudge
them to correct it.

Alas, not all people are as kind as Tim W-J with the hyphenation.  It's
usually Spanish names that screw me up.  Ortega y Gasset, José; García
Márquez, Gabriel; Muñoz, Juan Bautista.

Thank goodness for http://catalog.loc.gov/ .  Or, more to the point,
http://authorities.loc.gov/ .  Which, as a librarian, I know is
sometimes wrong, but boy do they love correcting their mistakes when
they find out.  I love the records for people with lots of names (

Interesting.  They seem to know that Tim W-J is often misfiled under "J"
),  and that DWJ is often misfiled under "W", and they even have
a warning that she's not the aforementioned Diana Jones Wynne! (
).  Go, Library of Congress!  (Diana Jones Wynne's entry does not have
the same warning.)

|The ones that worry me are Chinese names, because half the time their
|owners are being polite to the ignorant English and put the patronymic at
|the end as we do, and the other half of the time they're not, and one never
|knows which it is unless one asks or one of the names is obviously
|European, like Vanessa, which gives one a fair go at it.

A common convention with chinese names is to all-caps the patronymic,
eg ZHANG Ziyi (who, as her fame as increased in English speaking
countries to the extent that she oresented at the Oscars, now goes by
Ziyi ZHANG) (and on whom I have an enormous crush.  How many of her own
stunts does she *do*?  And will she look twelve years old for the rest
of her life?).

"I'm a very gentle man, not unlike Gandhi. ... I could kill them
at any moment. But that's really just if they annoy me."
		 -- Joss Whedon

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