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Mon Mar 14 05:41:29 EST 2005

--- minnow at belfry.org.uk wrote:
> Judith wrote:
> >Well, for the uninitiated (and unWelsh) like
> myself, I always assumed
> >"Wynne" was part of a surname, a double-barrelled
> name without the hyphenãI
> >understand it's a family name, so I do think the
> confusion is understandable
> >(or perhaps I'm merely being an ignorant colonial).
> I've never known whether
> >to shelve her under W or J.
> "Weel, ye ken the noo!"  :-)  I've just had a quick
> check in some of the
> DWJ books I have around, and both the Library of
> Congress
> Cataloging-In-Publication Data and the British
> Library Cataloguing in
> Publication Data sections in any that give them at
> all give it as "Jones,
> Diana Wynne", which seems like a fairly clear
> indicator for librarians,
> I'd've thought?
> And this reporter could have asked, if she wasn't
> sure!
> Yes, lots of forenames get used as surnames and vice
> versa, like Howell.
> Not being Welsh, I'd probably assume Howell was a
> surname unless it was
> made obvious that it wasn't.  I had two friends one
> called James Eliot and
> the other called Elliott James, at one time, which
> was a tad confusing.
> >And, of course, there's Canadian writer Tim
> Wynne-Jones to further addle we
> >ignorant folk...
> He's got a hyphen.  So has Grace Wynne-Jones.  So
> there's no need to worry
> about them.

I've recently discovered there is also an author
called Diana Jones Wynne, author of "Ancestry And
Descendants Of John M Hillmon And Harriet E Louthan
With Allied Families Of Lackey Henderson Bowles And
Mikesell," and other light classics.


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