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>> By the sound of it, I think I prefer the one you found!
>> Does it also refer to her as "Jones" (her surname) rather than "Wynne
>> Jones" (middle name plus surname) throughout?   I want a copy, if so.
>> Minnow
>Minnow, here's the one up now at that url... I see the Severn estuary note now
>-- though the geography is a bit fuzzy

Fuzzy?  The Severn Estuary was four miles away from Bristol, last time I
bicycled out there.  It is also completely invisible from any road near
DWJ's house, because there is rather a lot of hill in the way.  In fact
can't see the actual water from anywhere in Bristol as far as I know, only
the hills on the other side of it in Wales.  The woman meant the *Avon*, a
tidal river some five hundred yards from DWJ's kitchen window sideways, and
only about a hundred feet below.   She might as well have said Southampton
Water or the Medway, in terms of that view: either of those can as readily
be seen from where she says she was.

> -- but where the back reference?

No back reference that I noticed, or mentioned.  "Don't worry about being
told that she broke her *neck* last year: that's simply incorrect." was
what I said.

Fourth para, discounting headers, the one about Potter:

> (She also has the uncanny knack of predicting future events in her own
>life, including breaking her neck last year.)

I'm disappointed.  It's the same one as the one I had.  It calls her "Wynne
Jones".  Pah!  If she were "Diana Gwen Jones" would they refer to her as
"Gwen Jones" as if the Gwen were part of the surname, I ask crossly?  They
don't call Edgar Allan Poe "Allan Poe" when they're talking about him!

Let's say I didn't show it to her: she'd have been Affronted by it -- and
her back was messed up going to Manchester, so she doesn't need any *more*
aggravation to get in the way of starting the second draft of her latest
book.  Having to do all the talking-with-publicity-folk for *Conrad's Fate*
is a nuisance enough without then reading what they have done with what she

Ruffled Minnow

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