Times article on DWJ/Conrad's Fate

Charles Butler hannibal at thegates.fsbusiness.co.uk
Sun Mar 13 18:44:17 EST 2005


> I realize that I know nothing about the geography of Bristol, so I don't
> know how plausible my interpretation is, but the line before this does
> say, ". . .as my taxi got lost on the slopes of Clifton in Bristol,
> searching for Diana Wynne Jones's home. . . ."   I read the passage not as
> suggesting that the estuary was right by her house, but that it was
> somewhere on or near the slopes of Clifton, where the taxi was lost while
> trying to get to the house.  Does that make any sense, or is it
> inconsistent with reality?

Depending which bit of Clifton you're looking down from, you'll see either 
the river Avon, or Bristol harbour (an artificial floating harbour created a 
couple of hundred years ago to compensate for the fact that the Avon is 
tidal). Almost certainly the writer mistook one or both of these for the 
Severn Estuary - to reach which you need to travel downriver about seven 
miles to the mouth of the Avon at Avonmouth (imaginative place-names a 


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