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>On Mar 12, 2005, at 7:01 AM, jack at wrote:
>>*I can tune out a lot, but there were a couple of real clangers -
>>* someone having taken and failed exams to go to comprehensive school,
>>* and someone else driving in the rain with the driver's side window open
>>* and getting their *left* arm wet! But it still didn't spoil the book,
>>* and as you say, the musical appendix is great.
>>Keep in mind that they aren't AmMericanisms taht are causing you to 
>>groan, but reflect
>>his Canadian upbringing.
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>And, not to be snippy, but why on earth would talk of drivers 
>driving on the other side of the road possibly ruin a book for you?
>When you're reading an American author, don't you expect 
>Americanisms? When you're reading a Canadian author, don't you 
>expect Canadiansims? When you're reading and Australian author, 
>don't you expect Australianisms?
>(feeling ornery and irritable)

Quite in a mood to share your feelings, but I *think* this was 
written with reference to _The Little Country_, which is set in 
England - so shouldn't have Americanisms like getting your left arm 
wet while driving.

I've almost lost the plot as well as the thread, so if it wasn't, 
apologies (and would virtual chocolate help?)


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