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  Margaret, Guy Gavriel Kay's _A Song for Arbonee_ is set in a kind of alternative France, which might be interesting to bounce ideas from...


  This has nothing to do with DWJ, but I need help and this list is full of people who delight in wordplay, so:

  The fantasy book I'm writing now is set in a sort of alternate-Scotland, with half taking place in the Orkney Islands and half in a capital city which I've named Caudebec and which looks like Edinburgh but has the society of Regency London. I don't have any trouble, mixing and matching Orkney placename elements for those locales, but the French are giving me trouble (naturellement). France exists only on the fringes of the novel - there's nothing set there, but I have people saying things like "She will expect me to disccuss Parisian opera and French fashions!"

  So....I'm trying to think of alternate names for Paris and France that will convey the message "I'm talking about France, but this is an alternate-world setting so it's not really France" and I'm blanking out. Any suggestions would be welcome.

Margaret Ball
margaret at onr.com
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