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Dorian E. Gray israfel at eircom.net
Fri Mar 11 14:34:21 EST 2005

Minnow said...

> Dorian and me in conversation:
>>> Dorian entered a caveat:
>>>>Oy!  The Stone of Scone, as those Scots insist on calling it, is *ours*,
>>> Ah.  I thought that was a different one again.  My error.
>>Nope.  Ours.
> Your error, or your lump of rock?

Our lump of rock.

> I hadn't realised that it was a wossit
> out of *1066 And All That* and probably living in a bucket.

Can't find my copy of "1066 and All That" - to what are you referring?

> I thought it
> was the English who were meant to have nicked the stone or stones from 
> Tara
> and used 'em for Stonehenge, or something.  Having left their own down the
> back of the sofa, I expect.

Not that I ever heard of.  Anyway, Newgrange (also in the Boyne Valley and a 
Place of Power) is way older than Stonehenge, IIRC.

>>The Four Great Treasures of Ireland are: the Lia Fail, the Cup of the
>>Daghda, the Spear Luin (spear of Light), the Sword Freagarach (the
> The Welsh have a similar lot, in the Mabinogion (which I am *not* going to
> go and read in order to locate references!)

Compare the Tarot suits: cups, swords, wands and pentacles (pentacles being 
usually seen as Earth-based which links them well enough to Stones of 
Destiny).  It's not only an old but a wide-spread idea, methinks.

>>Well, if it's the real thing, the Lia Fail is currently in Edinburgh 
>>I don't believe anyone knows where any of the other three are now, though.
> Possibly just as well, given the way that spear seems to have behaved in
> the wrong hands?

Hm, yes, Luin's a tricksy thing, far more so than any of the others, and 
insists on having the wielder of *its* choice.

> Thank you.  The "Gallic/Garlic/Gaylic" thing is probably
> Brittany/Cornwall/Wales/Scotland pronunciation of a transliterated word,
> then, intended to make mere English folk confused.

Don't know about the others, but Irish is perfectly sensible language which 
at least has the decency to follow its pronunciation rules consistently, 
unlike English. :-)

> obDWJ, the partial model for the desecrated Garden in TMC has simply been
> abandoned by its goddess, who has gone away to live in a different lot of
> water and left the place she used to be, which has become a tourist-coach
> destination with a strong financial motive for its custodianship, to stew
> in its own juice.

Yeah, I've come across one or two places like that, where there ought to 
have been/was once power, but now there isn't.  Very uncomfortable they are 

>>> WAINS?
>>With the who what now?
> An expression of the opposite of incredulity, m'lud, an accronym of the
> words "Why Am I Not Surprised?"

Ah.  Thank you.


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