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Margaret Ball margaret at onr.com
Thu Mar 10 09:42:21 EST 2005

> How about Denisville for Paris? (Trouble is, it sounds like something 
> out of the Beano.)

I don't know what the Beano is, but Denisville is instantly recognizable 
to me as a small town on the northern reaches of the Mississipi river, 
first named by voyageurs, briefly profitable during the expansion of the 
nineteenth century, and now consisting of a feed store, two parking 
lights, some decaying mansions and a Greyhound bus stop (which will be 
taken away at next year's route revision).

I would love to incorporate some verbal remnant of St. Denis into the 
name, though. One of those saints whose positive attitude I've always 
admired. (Ce n'est que le premier pas qui coute.)   Just call the city 
Denis? Hmm, Denesian fashions doesn't sound good.

And, of course, you can't do a thing with all those kings named Louis, 
because we all know where Louisiana is, and Louisvillle is a town on the 
banks of the O-hi-o.

I begin to see why some people dislike the French. They are mighty 
intractable in the matter of their language, aren't they?

Paris is drawn from the classics, though. Didn't any of his brothers 
have useful names? Forget Hector; I ve never been able to take Hector 
seriously since a Russian boyfriend told me he was pronounced "Gector" 
in Russian.  (Brief scan of names of the Priamedes - the Internet is 
actually useful at times)  Can't use Bias, Chromius sounds like a heavy 
metal, Chrysolaus has possibilities, Clonius is a Roman cloned sheep,  
Deiopites has too many vowels, ...ok, ok, I'm seriously looking now, no 
more tacky jokes....Evander,  Hyperion, Lysides, Nereis all seem to me 
to have possibilities in making the right sort of sound, although 
they're also so obscure nobody can be expected to catch the parallel.

Can I do anything with the Seine? Hmpf. Seineville is upstream from 
Denisville, and it doesn't even have a traffic light.

Go back to the province name? Ile-de-France - there we have the bloody 
French again.

I am beginning to consider moving the capital of France south so we can 
have Poitevin opera and Provençal fashions. But still churning away on 
all the helpful suggestions.

Margaret Ball
margaret at onr.com

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