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> I don't think we are talking about the island as a whole, because (break it
> gently to Washington DC) England is only part of the United Kingdom (now
> rapidly devolving, and speaking as The First Republic of The Regent's
> Park's Lake's Island I say about time too!) and Scotland and Wales and
> Kernow have their own hearts thank you very much. 
Well, quite - that was why I said we'd need to define terms - it was your use of the phrases 'ruler of the island' and 'governing Britain' that confused me! Mind you, it's a longstanding habit of English people to refer to England as an island - you're in the splendid company of William Shakespeare (or at least John of Gaunt).
> >That certainly does make Berkshire more central (in fact there's not a lot
> >left!) Though I can't quite figure out why you have to be conquered by
> >Normans to count as English... Is it something to do with the Rugby? ;-)
> Are you having a Thing about railway junctions or something? Swindon, and
> now Rugby: what's Didcot done to offend you? How about Crewe?
I was thinking of the Six Nations Championship, of course - but now you mention it, Crewe Junction has a rather good claim to be the Omphalos of Britain. It functions a bit like that in Red Shift, I think.


Whatever you Wanadoo:

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