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liril at gmx.net liril at gmx.net
Thu Mar 10 02:40:27 EST 2005

A very interesting question. I like made up names playing with "typical"
elements of the language, but I suppose it's difficult to get it right.
Examples: I liked the made-up names/combinations/french bits in "Death of
the Necromancer" by Martha Wells. For some reason the made up spanish (or at
least it felt to me like made up spanish) in Curse of Chalion felt a bit
wrong. Katherin Kurtz' "Bremange" (sp?) sounded like France to me at once,
altough I don't know if it's supposed to be France.

So - I thinke the -ange, -ienne, -oire endings and any "accents" would be a
nice touch. -ouille goes in that direction, too. (But not really Grenouille,
please - think of your French readers ;-) - rather Perignon, Chandon, or
Pommery :-)

I think the -ac endings are nice, as in Bergerac or Badurac, but I can't
think of adjectives.


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